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Giammarco Certified as Tennis Performance Trainer by International Tennis Performance Association

TOLEDO, Ohio – USPTA tennis instructor, Patrick Giammarco (Perrysburg, Ohio), has recently been certified as a Tennis Performance Trainer (TPT) by the International Tennis Performance Association (ITPA). This certification is a testament to Giammarco’s dedication to elevating his coaching skills and his commitment to the sport.


The TPT certification is designed to provide tennis coaches and trainers with a deep understanding of the physical demands of tennis and the best practices in training to meet those demands. The program covers a comprehensive range of topics, from understanding the biomechanics of tennis strokes to designing effective training programs that enhance performance and reduce the risk of injuries.

Speaking about the significance of the certification, Giammarco said, “Achieving the TPT certification is not just a personal milestone for me, but it’s a message to all the players I coach. It’s essential to continuously learn and improve, no matter where you are in your journey.”

TPT certification focuses on evidence-based tennis-specific training research that builds knowledge and skills when working with tennis players of all ages and levels. In addition, the program consists of tennis-specific sport science information with assessments, drills & exercises to improve performance and reduce injuries in the tennis athlete.

He adds, “If we, as coaches, ask our players to push their limits and strive for excellence, we need to lead by example. This certification is my way of showing my commitment to that philosophy and passion for the sport.”

The TPT certification will bring even more depth and expertise to his coaching sessions. Players and tennis enthusiasts can look forward to benefiting from his enhanced training methods and insights.

For more information about Giammarco’s coaching services or to schedule an interview, please contact him at 567.225.8080 or

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About the International Tennis Performance Association (ITPA):

The ITPA is the worldwide education and certification organization for trainers, coaches, and specialists who are passionate about tennis-specific performance enhancement and injury prevention. The association’s mission is to educate and certify tennis-specific performance specialists around the world. To learn more, visit