Fix [noun]

: a supply or dose of something strongly desired or craved
// i went to the courts to get my tennis fix

Ever feel like there’s more to learning (and winning) the game of tennis?

  • More than proper technique.

  • More than the endless drilling.

  • More than the cross-court groundstrokes.

  • More than shot tolerance and consistency.

I did…

Below are my actual notes after my daughter played in a G10 tennis tournament in Birmingham, MI July of 2018.

It’s time to start winning more matches. I feel as if she has the talent/stroke technique; it’s time to put that together with strategy and the mental side of tennis.

Even though she lost both matches, I feel that she matched up well with the two girls that she played.

Got beat a handful of times on the serve because she wasn’t ready for the ball to come back with pace

It seems as if they were just hitting the ball back without much thought behind court positioning/why they were hitting the ball where they were hitting it.

Need to work on focus when on court.

Need to work on moving feet – there were times she just stood on the baseline after hitting a shot = flat footed/out of position when ball came back.

When do we start to incorporate:

  • The mental side of tennis + technique
  • Basic tennis “plays” (i.e. Home Base) to run when she finds herself in the right court position
  • What are basic plays for:
    • Serve
    • Return of serve
    • Rallying
    • Volleying.

I’ve been playing tennis for more than 35 years, and, honestly, this was the first time I ever thought about any of this. I was so consumed with drills, groundstrokes, and consistency that I hadn’t given much (if any) thought to these other (very important) facets of the game.

I just knew there had to be more.

That’s when my quest started.

I got obsessed.

I began…

Reading and digging into the data and statistics that tell the story of how matches are won

Breaking down match video to identify winning patterns of play the pros use

Seeing the game as much more than just technique, drills, consistency, and shot tolerance

Don’t get me wrong technique, drills, consistency, shot tolerance are ALL critical to the game of tennis. BUT, there’s so much more that, in my experience, is not being talked about enough.

How you hit the ball matters. Where you hit the ball matters more.

What if you could…

  • Understand how data and statistics from within the game can help guide what you should be doing on the practice court?
  • Learn the best patterns to play at specific point scores, such as love-all and breakpoint?
  • Learn go-to tennis plays that put you in a good court position to help win more matches?
  • Bring the benefits of match analytics and video analysis to your game?
  • Learn how to visualize and remember what happens during points and to analyze how to improve your game using this information?

The typical practice court is chock-full of endless forehands, mindless backhands, and pointless grinding.

Getting better at tennis isn’t hard when you follow a proven system.

That’s why I created Tennis Fix System™ – an on- and off-court player development roadmap meant to compliment private and group lessons, not replace.

Does your practice court need a (tennis) fix?