Tennis is a game of percentages,
not perfection.

That’s why I created Tennis Fix System™

Webinar Recording – Pro Secrets to Winning More Matches

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Watch the Webinar presented by USPTA Certified Tennis Instructor, Patrick Giammarco, titled: Pro Secrets to Winning More Matches.

Tennis Fix System™ Features

Getting better at tennis isn’t hard when you follow a proven system. Tennis Fix System™ is an on- and off-court player development roadmap meant to compliment private and group lessons, not replace.


Introduction to running tennis plays that cater to your strengths, attack your opponent’s weaknesses, and help you avoid making so many mistakes.

Court Positioning

In order to recover to the right position, you need to take a few things into consideration – we show you how.


We use actual data and statistics to help you discover optimal serve locations, factors that affect your serve, and positioning.


Did you know your percentage of winning a point skyrocket returning 2nd serves vs. 1st serves? We address the #1 thing you should start doing with your returns, and the best place to hit them.

Run Around Forehand

Data shows that forehands rule the world of tennis. The run around forehand is your biggest weapon from the back of the court. Be a Forehand Hunter™.

Backhand Down the Line

We dig into when, why, and how to hit your backhand consistently down the line.

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Tennis Fix System™


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Giammarco Family Bounce Forward Tennis Scholarship

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10 %
points that end in errors
10 %
ideal 1st serve percentage
5 %
ave. % points needed to win

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