Are you ready for tournaments, and upcoming league and high school tennis seasons?

Yeah, us either.

If you’re like most, you work hard but aren’t improving at the rate you need to get better and win more matches.

Tennis Fix System™ is an on- and off-court player development roadmap meant to compliment private and group lessons, not replace.

Does your practice court
need a (tennis) fix?

Getting better at tennis isn’t hard when you follow a proven system.

AccuTennis SmartCourt

Tennis Fix, LLC has partnered with AccuTennis to bring mobile automated camera and player analysis technology to northwest Ohio. AccuTennis utilizes 7 Shot Tennis, an accessible universal tennis language, to determine a player’s level without tournament play.

Features include:

  • Curated games and drills developed by Judy Murray, Dave Howell, and Steve Clark
  • Multi-angle video clips and statistical analysis of all games, drills, and matches
  • Real-time feedback and analysis
  • Video recording and analysis
  • Line calling and challenge system

PLEASE NOTE: Additional fee may apply for travel more than 10 miles outside of 43551 zip code.


Match Video + Tagging

For tennis players looking for a clear path to improvement, the match video + tagging package provides detailed match analysis you need to improve your tennis game and win more matches.

Patrick’s match analyst certification includes tagging, the process of recording events during a tennis match to collect useful data about the match. Match tagging collects the stats that matter most, and provides the ability to extract reasons a player won or lost the match.

This “end-to-end” system is what competitive players use to develop winning strategies and improve faster.

• Video-taping of your match
• Detailed Match Tagging Report with 25 Key Performance Indicators.
• Access to your match video. Ball-in-play action only. 
• Review from any web-enabled device.
• Search for any moment in the match with indexed events.
• Easily share with your coach, family, and friends.

Benefits of match videoing + tagging include:

  • Faster improvement
  • Develop winning strategies
  • More effective practice courts
  • Win more matches!

Additional fee may apply for travel more than 10 miles outside of 43551 zip code.

PRICE: $159.00

Tennis Match Charting

Match charting using the 7 Shot Tennis methodology. 7 Shot Tennis is the easiest to understand approach to visualizing and remembering what happens during tennis points, and for analyzing how to improve your game using that information.

Full match charting detailing why, how, and where you won (or lost) the point. Understand what’s working and what’s not in your tennis game.

Patrick’s certification as a Pro Level 3 tennis match charting expert gives him the needed expertise to make accurate observations about each player’s performance during a match. Full-match summary included.

PLEASE NOTE: Additional fee may apply for travel more than 10 miles outside of 43551 zip code.

PRICE: $69.00