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Giammarco Earns Certification in Tennis Movement & Footwork from iTPA

TOLEDO, Ohio – USPTA tennis instructor, Patrick Giammarco (Perrysburg, Ohio), has has recently earned a Certificate of Completion in Tennis Movement & Footwork from the International Tennis Performance Association (iTPA). This certification demonstrates Giammarco’s commitment to enhancing his knowledge and skills in tennis-specific performance, injury prevention, and player development.


The iTPA, the world’s leading tennis fitness education and certification organization, offers a comprehensive course on tennis movement and footwork. The course covers a wide range of topics, including lateral, forward, and backward movements, as well as footwork techniques for serves, overheads, volleys, and returns of serve. By completing this course, Giammarco has gained a deep understanding of the most effective and efficient ways to move on the tennis court.

“I am thrilled to have earned this certification from the iTPA,” said Patrick Giammarco. “As someone who is passionate about tennis and helping others improve their game, I believe that understanding proper movement and footwork is essential. This course has provided me with invaluable knowledge and insights that I can now share with my clients and fellow tennis enthusiasts.”

Giammarco added, “The iTPA’s commitment to evidence-based education and its focus on tennis-specific performance is truly impressive. I look forward to applying what I’ve learned to help players of all levels move more efficiently, prevent injuries, and ultimately, elevate their game.”

The Tennis Movement & Footwork course is part of the iTPA’s larger mission to provide quality education and certification for individuals and organizations within the tennis industry. By earning this certification, Giammarco joins a global community of tennis coaches, fitness trainers, and specialists who are dedicated to improving the health, safety, and performance of tennis athletes worldwide.

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About the International Tennis Performance Association (iTPA):

The ITPA is the worldwide education and certification organization for trainers, coaches, and specialists who are passionate about tennis-specific performance enhancement and injury prevention. The association’s mission is to educate and certify tennis-specific performance specialists around the world. To learn more, visit