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OVERVIEW – Tennis Fix System™ Step 1: Foundation

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Step 1 – Foundation – is comprised of 8 components and this step in particular is CRITICAL to the rest of the program. It’s powerful enough to live on its own, but it’s even more powerful when it’s added to the rest of the Tennis Fix System™.

It’s in the Foundation Step where the overall philosophy and terminology of Tennis Fix System is taught, so everyone is on the same page and we can think and talk more strategically. The rest of Tennis Fix System™ becomes easier to understand, and more effective, once you absorb the elements in Foundation.

Click the video below to listen to USPTA Certified Tennis Instructor, Patrick Giammarco give an overview of Tennis Fix System Step 1: Foundation.

Foundation’s 8 Components Are:

  1. HOME BASE – Introduction to running tennis plays that cater to your strengths, attack your opponent’s weaknesses, and help you avoid making so many mistakes. Here, we teach things like: “Sword & Shield”, Roger Federer’s imaginary line rule, when and why to hit inside & outside groundstrokes, when you should change the direction of the ball, and much more.
  2. WINNERS & ERRORS – We spend hours and hours on the court practicing forehands and backhands so we can get better at rallying from the baseline. Analytics prove that rallying is a proven failed strategy. Everybody can grind and dig a trench running side-to-side. Make rallying part of your game – not your entire game. To find the winner of a match don’t look for the most winners; look for the least errors.
  3. WAYS TO FORCE AN ERROR – Making your opponent uncomfortable is the bottom line. There are eight ways to force an error. The first four have to do with the court; five and six deal with the ball; seven is about you, and eight is about rushing your opponent.
  4. A B C D – Everyone has a weakness. Cutting the baseline up into A B C D locations is the best way to find your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses from the baseline. The natural angles of the game will also be covered.
  5. 7 SHOT TENNIS 7 Shot Tennis™ is the best approach to visualizing and remembering what happens during tennis points and for analyzing how to improve your game using that information. As a game plan for player development, we’ll focus on purposeful and deliberate practice.
  6. PATTERNS OF PLAY – Data proves that points in tennis are a lot shorter than we think. Your ability to win these (shorter) points gives you the greatest chance to win matches. Here, we uncover the primary and secondary patterns of play best suited to your game.
  7. CLIMBING THE LADDER – How you hit a ball matters, but where you hit the ball matters more. Match analytics confirms that the player who plays on, around, or inside the baseline is at an advantage over their deeper-playing opponent. Here we dig into “climbing the ladder” – the ability to take continuous small steps forward to improve court position up to and inside the baseline.
  8. SCOREBOARD STRATEGIES – Different strategies based on the point score in a game. How important is it to win the first point of the game? What are the best patterns to play to run at love-all or breakpoint? What’s the most important score line within a game? We’ll also dig into the percentages of winning games based on certain scorelines.

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