Go-To Tennis Strategies That Help Alleviate Scoreboard Pressure
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Go-To Tennis Strategies to Alleviate Scoreboard Pressure

Not All Tennis Points Are Equal

Within each game, set, and match there are different score variations and scenarios that require careful navigation of risk and reward. Thus, we need to deploy different scoreboard strategies based on the point score in a game. 

This is where primary and secondary patterns of play become very important in alleviating scoreboard pressure.

  • How important is it to win the first point of the game?
  • What are the best patterns to play to run at love-all or breakpoint?
  • What’s the most important score line within a game?
  • What are the percentages of winning games based on certain scorelines?

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Listen to USPTA certified Tennis Instructor, Patrick Giammarco explain Scoreboard Strategies below. Scoreboard Strategies is part of Step 1 in Tennis Fix System – Foundation.

If you missed it, here is the recording of the Webinar, Pro Secrets to Winning More Tennis Matches

Scoreboard Strategies – Tennis Fix System from Patrick Giammarco on Vimeo.

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