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The Future of Tennis – Smart Court Technology

Technology continues to surprise and amaze us in all facets of our lives. It changes the way we connect and socialize, the way we work, and the way we play. Tennis is no stranger to the benefits of incorporating the use of different technologies. When it comes to improving your tennis game, there are many different tools and training techniques that can help. With technology, these tools are more accurate than they have ever been. If you are someone who utilizes all the great benefits of tennis clubs, you’ll never go back to not having the added benefits of playing at a court that incorporates smart court technology.

The Future of Tennis: AccuTennis

While there are many different tools available for improving your tennis game, one of the leading contenders is AccuTennis. On-court time can be precious. AccuTennis is a tool that can be used for clubs to improve and expand their business. Tennis lives at the club level. It is a way that all ages and skill levels can get together. This tool helps to enhance the love that both young and old can experience when taking lessons, playing in matches, or participating in clinics.


Benefits of Smart Court Technology

When it comes to incorporating technology, there are a lot of different things to consider. As a tennis enthusiast, there is no downside to experiencing the AccuTennis benefits. AccuTennis consists of a variety of cameras and TVs that provide real-time support and scorekeeping. It can keep track of all the small details, including how fast your serve is and your overall hits in different matches. This real-time technology allows you to get the feedback necessary to improve the overall quality of your coaching, as well as providing remote coaching analysis on your schedule. For coaches, it provides on-court scoreboards as well as statistical and video analysis. This helps provide amazing feedback. This tool can also help to run tournaments for all ages. The benefits truly are endless for anyone on the court.

“For younger players just starting out, AccuTennis brings fun gamification to the court that aids in faster development. For older and more seasoned players, AccuTennis provides annotated video and stats that can be viewed online from anywhere with an Internet connection,” commented Patrick Giammarco, USPTA-certified tennis instructor and creator of Tennis Fix System™.

Why Not Try?

Technology changes our lives every single day in some way. It provides countless possibilities. Smart Court Technology, such as AccuTennis, gives the support of a personal instructor in a club setting. Real-time feedback is critical to truly improve your game. Regardless of your age or level of skill, this tool can help provide feedback that any player can benefit from. Every player should ultimately have a great time, and playing your best game is part of that.

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