AccuTennis Smart Court tennis Technology comes to northwest Ohio courtesy of Tennis Fix, LLC
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Tennis Fix Brings AccuTennis Smart Court Technology to NW Ohio


May 15, 2021

CONTACT: Patrick Giammarco

PERRYSBURG, Ohio – Tennis Fix, LLC has partnered with AccuTennis to bring mobile automated camera and player analysis technology to northwest Ohio.

AccuTennis automates the scoring and umpiring facets of the game through a user-friendly platform. The system eliminates cheating, contentious line calls, and scorekeeping hassles. In addition, the technology offers customizable lessons and drills that provide an engaging environment for players. AccuTennis utilizes 7 Shot Tennis, an accessible universal tennis language, to determine a player’s level without tournament play.

“For younger players just starting out, AccuTennis brings fun gamification to the court that aids in faster development. For older and more seasoned players, AccuTennis provides annotated video and stats that can be viewed online from anywhere with an Internet connection,” commented Patrick Giammarco, USPTA-certified tennis instructor and creator of Tennis Fix System™.

Features include:

  • Curated games and drills developed by Judy Murray, Dave Howell, and Steve Clark
  • Multi-angle video clips and statistical analysis of all games, drills, and matches
  • Real-time feedback and analysis
  • Video recording and analysis
  • Line calling and challenge system

“AccuTennis technology is an extension of the coach,” Giammarco continued. “On-court, we can focus on the player’s strengths, technique, and encouragement, while AccuTennis does the rest. No longer is player development relegated solely to the court, however. We now can use video off-court to create deliberate practice for faster improvement.”

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About Tennis Fix

Tennis Fix System™ is an on- and off-court player development roadmap meant to compliment private and group lessons, not replace. Getting better at tennis isn’t hard when you follow a proven system. Bounce forward. To learn more, visit

About AccuTennis

Founded in 2018, AccuTennis creates an affordable computer vision system for clubs, academies, and colleges. Its on-court camera systems provide real-time visual and audio feedback for all levels of players who are playing, training, or competing. Real-time feedback enables an engaging, game-based approach that combines human-computer interaction and gamified play. AccuTennis’s mission is to increase player participation and club profitability with the use of cutting-edge technology. To learn more, visit

About Patrick Giammarco

Patrick created Tennis Fix System™ – an on- and off-court player development roadmap meant to compliment private and group lessons not replace. Tennis Fix System™ utilizes data and analytics to drive improvement and success on the court, and is the blueprint for what matters most for improving and winning in tennis. To learn more, visit